SONS - Ultra-Thin Trauma Kit designed to fit behind your body armour.

There is nothing more important than gear readiness when saving a life. The Sons Trauma was originally designed by an active duty SEAL medic, proving itself time and again over the last few years in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Engineered for maximum efficiency, this innovative Trauma Kit eliminates bulky medical pouches that take up space on your kit. Sized to fit behind Medium ballistic plates, the Sons kits are packed for quick deployment and designed around injury patterns in order of priority for trauma treatment with the necessary supplies. Kits are approximately ½”- ¾ " thick at their thickest point.

Designed by a US Navy SEAL and tested downrange by Special Missions Units for over two years, we’re proud to offer the Patent Pending Sons Trauma Kit from Phokus Research. Designed with the tools you need and engineered for maximum efficiency, the Sons Trauma Kit replaces bulky medical pouches. Phokus Trauma kits are packed for quick deployment and designed for tactical trauma treatment with the necessary supplies.

Unlike vacuum packed kits, the Sons Trauma Kits by Phokus are packed in heavy-duty, medical-grade vinyl and pressure sealed with RF welded seams. This means that they won’t degrade when riding in your armor, they won’t lose their seal, and they won’t fall apart after a year’s use.

Durability – During trials, one operator took two rounds of 7.62 in the plate and was able to remove his undamaged trauma kit from behind his armor and provide self-aid for his other wounds. No secondary fragmentation, no compromise of contents.

Precision RF Welding – The smooth continuous seam creates weatherproof protection for medical supplies.

Pressure Sealed – Low profile fit. Adds minimal bulk

Tapered Top – Securely fits under a MIL-SPEC Medium, Level III ballistic plate.

Pull Handle and Ripcord – Allows rapid removal and rapid one handed opening for immediate access in case of wounding.

Spread Loading – Specially designed spread loading distributes cubic volume over a wide area, reducing thickness without sacrificing utility.

Accessibility – Highly accessible for “self-aid” regardless of body position and environment.

Low Visibility Deployment (LVD) Kit Contents:

These are the most durable vacuum sealed trauma kits available, anywhere!

QuikClot Combat Gauze x 1
4” Z-Fold Gauze Bandage x 1
Occlusive Dressing x 2
SWAT-T x 1
Nitrile Gloves x 1
2 yd Medical Tape x 1
Dimensions: 9”x 6”x 1/2”

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Low Visibility Deployment Kit

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