The Petzl Strix IR Military Tactical Infrared Headlamp is a superb advanced head torch designed to offer military personnel and other covert operators the versatility of use and the variety of visible and invisible lighting modes they need when absolute discretion is imperative.

The Strix Headlamp offers multiple carrying options, multiple visible lighting modes plus Infrared (IR) mode.

For any of the ways the Petzl Strix IR Military Infrared Headlamp can be worn, the double-rotation system will allow a wide choice in how to orientate the beam.

The Strix Headlamp has three lighting colours (red, green and blue), three levels of white lighting and also the IR mode.

The Petzl Strix IR Military Infrared Headlamp offers exceptional versatility and intuitive use with absolute reliability guaranteed.

Great Versatility of Use

The Petzl Strix IR Military Infrared Headlamp is designed for discreet integration with all military equipment.

However the headlamp is worn, the lamp's double-rotation system allows great freedom for orientating the beam: 180° horizontally and 120° vertically. The user can be assured that he or she will see where needed. In the absence of an integrated rail on your helmet, a Petzl Adapt Strix Plate can be acquired (sold separately).

Dependable lighting for all situations

Different lighting functions allow the Petzl Strix IR Military Tactical Infrared Headlamp to adapt to field operations as well as to daily activities (camp, training etc).

The Petzl Strix IR Military Infrared Headlamp was created to limit the risk of the user being accidentally seen.

Intuitive Management

Manipulating the knobs with the pulse control is noiseless and simple, even while wearing gloves. This allows each mode to be accessed and to turn off the headlamp quickly. The sequence of modes moves from most discreet to least discreet. For quick movement between modes, only one of the three colours is directly accessible (via a programmable choice).

The lighting modes and the Off position can be locked to prevent any unwanted manoeuvre. The scan function allows the user to instantly turn off the headlamp by releasing the knob.

On the Petzl Strix IR Tactical Infrared Headlamp, visible and IR lighting are controlled by two different knobs in order to prevent any risk of error.

Switching to IR lighting instantly turns off visible lighting and it cannot be reactivated until IR is deactivated. The IR control knob is provided with a visual and tactile indicator for the Off position.

Great Mechanical Strength

The Petzl Strix IR Military Tactical Infrared Headlamp is resistant to falls from up to 2 metres (even at -30°C), to impact and to crushing (beneath up to 80 kg weight). They are also waterproof down to 1 metre for up to 30 minutes and they are also dustproof to the IP-67 rating.

•Three lighting modes:
•Visible colour lighting: Red (18 hrs, 1 lm, 3 m); green (15 hrs, 1.5 lm, 3 m); blue (15 hrs, 0.6 lm, 2 m)
•Visible white lighting: Stealth mode (65 hrs, 0.35 lm, 3 m); close-range vision mode (20 hrs, 10 lm, 18 m); movement mode (3 hrs 30 mins, 30 lm, 30 m)
•IR lighting: Close-range vision mode (18 hrs, 15 mW); movement mode (2 hrs 30 mins, 45 mW); blinking IFF mode (40 hrs, 15 mW)
•Battery: 1 x AA/LR6 battery (incl)
•Compatible with Ni-MH rechargeable batteries and Lithium batteries which can increase battery life up to 2.5 times
•Certification: CE
•Weight: 100 g excl batteries

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Petzl Strix IR Military Tactical Infrared Headlamp

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