Information for BFPO Customers

We deliver to all British Forces Post Office (BFPO) addresses and offer VAT free prices to military personnel on most overseas postings, ships, operations and exercises with BFPO addresses.

Weight Limitations

We are able to send packages up to 2kg to operations and exercises, up to 10kg to ships and up to 30kg elsewhere.

Delivery Costs

We offer free shipping to all British Forces Post Office addresses (BFPO).

How to Use Our System

Our shop makes BFPO checkout easy, and will recognize your BFPO number and calculate the correct VAT (0% for overseas destinations) and recognize any relevant weight restrictions.

All you need to do is start to checkout then during the checkout process:

  • tick the "BFPO Address" checkbox when when entering your delivery address as shown below.
  • enter your BFPO address in the delivery address area.

Note: the address you enter in the payment area does not affect VAT and should simply be the one shown on your credit card statement. The address that affects VAT is the delivery address.

Problems and FAQs

No shipping rates offered?

If you are not offered any delivery options, then you may have exceeded the 2kg limit for operations/exercises or 10kg to ships. In this case you may have to reduce the size of your order, and perhaps make multiple orders of less than the limit. We appreciate that this is not ideal, but there are only so many BFPO complexities we can handle through the online system!

It is also possible that a new BFPO number has been issued that is not on our system, or we have another glitch. Please contact us if you think that either of these is the case.

BFPO or Normal Address?

Some customers will have both BFPO and normal addresses, for example most people in Northern Ireland. In this case delivery will probably be cheaper to your normal postal address, as we do not face the additional BFPO postal charges. For UK posting we are unable to offer VAT free prices so there is no advantage to using a BFPO address for that reason.

Delivery Times

We can deliver to the BFPO depot according to our normal postage times, then deliveries are in the hands of the BFPO and times will be according to the following table. Note that these times are approximate, and do not include all destinations.

BFPO Numbers Location Country Approximate Transit Times from Receipt at HQ BFPO Northolt to the BFPO Static Location Overseas
2 Washington USA 14 Working Days
4 Kathmandu Nepal 14 Working Days
6 Lisbon Portugal 4 - 6 Working Days
8 Naples Italy 5 - 7 Working Days
10 Nairobi Kenya 14 Working Days
11 Seria Brunei 14 Working Days
12 Belize City Belize 14 Working Days
14 Suffield Canada 14 Working Days
15 - 49 Europe Germany / Belgium / Holland 3 - 5 Working Days
50 Stavanger Norway 4 - 8 Working Days
52 Gibraltar Gibraltar 13 - 15 Working Days



58 59



Dhekelia Ayios Nikolaos

Cyprus 26 - 33 Working Days
61 Milan Italy 5 - 7 Working Days
62 Valencia Spain 4 - 6 Working Days
63 Virginia USA 14 Working Days
65 Rome Italy 5 - 7 Working Days
105 Box No 589

British Alpine Centre (Bavaria) Germany

5 - 7 Working Days

Isolated Detachments Box No 2002 - 2020


5 to 7 Working Days

109 Ramstein Germany 3 - 5 Working Days
113 Mansergh Bks Germany 3 - 5 Working Days
115 Heidelberg Germany 3 - 5 Working Days
140 JHQ Rheindahlen Germany 3 - 5 Working Days
150 Karup Denmark 3 - 6 Working Days
599 UKSUPU (Izmir) Turkey 14 Working Days
655 Mount Pleasant Airport Falkland Islands 6 - 10 Weeks
677 RAF Ascension Ascension Island 15 – 20 Working Days
801 - 825 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland 5 Working Days

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